Corr Lab Publications


Laser-based 3D bioprinting for spatial and size control of tumor spheroids and embryoid bodies (DM Kingsley, CL Roberge, A Rudkouskaya, DE Faulkner, M Barroso, X Intes, DT Corr)

Multi-modal characterization of polymeric gels to determine the influence of testing method on observed elastic modulus (DM Kingsley, CH McCleery, CDL Johnson, MTK Bramson, D Rende, RJ Gilbert, DT Corr)


Solvent retention in electrospun fibers affects scaffold mechanical properties (AR D’Amato, MTK Bramson, DT Corr, DL Puhl, RJ Gilbert, J Johnson)

Cyclic Tensile Strain Enhances the Mechanical Properties of Engineered, Scaffold-Free Tendon Fibers (Kuwabo Mubyana, David T Corr)

Poly-L-lactic acid-co-poly (pentadecalactone) electrospun fibers result in greater neurite outgrowth of chick dorsal root ganglia in vitro compared to poly-L-lactic acid fibers (Alexis M Ziemba, Keith P Lane, Ignacio M San Segundo, Anthony R D’Amato, Andrew K Mason, Ryan J Sexton, Hubert Casajus, Richard A Gross, David T Corr, Ryan J Gilbert)


The effect of engineered nanotopography of electrospun microfibers on fiber rigidity and macrophage cytokine production (N. J. Schaub, A. R. D'Amato, A. Mason, D.T. Corr, E. Y. Harmon, M. R. Lennartz, and R.J. Gilbert)


Advanced quantitative imaging and biomechanical analyses of periosteal fibers in accelerated bone growth (Rajeev Chaudhary, Ming-Song Lee, Kuwabo Mubyana, Sarah Duenwald-Kuehl, Lyndsey Johnson, Jarred Kaiser, Ray Vanderby Jr, Kevin W Eliceiri, David T Corr, Matthew S Chin, Wan-Ju Li, Paul J Campagnola, Matthew A Halanski

The influence of specimen thickness and alignment on the material and failure properties of electrospun polycaprolactone nano fiber mats (K. Mubyana, R. A. Koppes, K. L. Lee, J. A. Cooper, and D. T. Corr)

Microcapsules and 3D customizable shelled microenvironments from laser direct‐written microbeads (D. M. Kingsley, A. D. Dias, and D. T. Corr)

A cross-bridge based model of force depression: Can a single modification address both transient and steady-state behaviors? (D.T. Corr and W. Herzog)

Study of Impingement Types and Printing Quality during Laser Printing of Viscoelastic Alginate Solutions (Z. Zhang, R. Xiong, D. T. Corr, and Y. Huang)

3D brown adipogenesis to create “Brown-Fat-in-Microstrands” (A. M. Unser, B. Mooney, D. T. Corr, and Y. H. Tseng, and Y. Xie) 

Cyclic Mechanical Loading Improves Tensile and Failure Properties of Scaffold‐Free Engineered Tendon Fibers (K Mubyana, DT Corr)


3D Bioprinting and 3D Imaging for Stem Cell Engineering (V. K. Lee, A. D. Dias, M. S. Ozturk, K. Chen, B. Tricomi, D. T. Corr, X. Intes, and G. Dai)


A new experimental model to study force depression: the Drosophila jump muscle (R. A. Koppes, D. M. Swank, and D. T. Corr)

Recent Advances in Bioprinting and Applications for Biosensing (A, D. Dias, D. M. Kingsley, and D. T. Corr)

Generating size-controlled embyroid bodies using laser direct-write (A. D. Dias, A. M. Unser, Y. Xie, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)


Single-step laser-based fabrication and patterning of cell-encapsulating alginate microbeads (D. M. Kingsley, A. D. Dias,

D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)

Force enhancement in lengthening contractions of cat soleus muscle in situ: transient and steady-state aspects (R. A. Koppes, W. Herzog, and D. T. Corr)

Biomechanics of Scar Tissue and Uninjured Skin (D.T. Corr and D. A. Hart)

Engineering Cellular Fibers for Musculoskeletal Soft Tissues Using Directed Self-Assembly (N. R. Schiele, D. B. Chrisey, and D. T. Corr)


Laser direct-write of single microbeads into spatially-ordered patterns (T. B. Phamduy, N. A. Raof, N. R. Schiele, Z. Yan, D. T. Corr, Y. Huang, Y. Xie, and D. B. Chrisey)

Impedance spectroscopy for the detection and identification of unknown toxins (B. C. Riggs, G. E. Plopper, J. L. Paluh, T. B. Phamduy, D. T. Corr, and D. B. Chrisey)


Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Methods for Biofabrication (B. C. Riggs, A. D. Dias, N. R. Schiele, R. Cristescu, Y. Huang, D. T. Corr, and D. B. Chrisey)

Technical issues in using robots to reproduce joint specific gait (J. M. Rosvold, S. P. Darcy, R. C. Peterson, Y. Achari, D. T. Corr, L. L. Marchuk, C. B. Frank, and N. G. Shrive)

The maintenance of pluripotency following laser direct-write of mouse embyronic stem cells (N. A. Raof, N. R. Schiele, Y. Xie, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)

Gelatin-based laser direct-write technique for the precise spatial patterning of cells (N. R. Schiele, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)

Force Enhancement in the Drosophila Jump Muscle (R. A. Koppes, D. M. Swank, D. T. Corr)

Characterizing strain in an embyronic development inspired method for engineered tendon (N. R. Schiele, C. A. Costello, D. T. Corr)

The presence and characterization of force depression in the drosophila jump muscle (R. A. Koppes, D. M. Swank, D. T. Corr)

Laser forward transfer: direct-writing arrays of single microbeads (T. B. Phamduy, N. A. Raof, D. T. Corr, Y. Xie, D. B. Chrisey)

Evaluation of electric cell-substrate impedance sensing for the detection of nanomaterial toxicity (E. McAuley, B. Mohanraj, T. Phamduy, G. E. Plopper, D. T. Corr, D. B. Chrisey)

Using laser direct-write to precisely pattern cells on glass cover slips (A. D. Dias, N. R. Schiele, B. M. Carr, N. A. Raof, Y. Xie, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)


Laser-based direct-write techniques for cell printing (N. R. Schiele, D. T. Corr, Y. Huang, N. A. Raof, Y. Xie, D. B. Chrisey)

Force depression in the drosophila jump muscle (R. A. Koppes, D. M. Swank, D. T. Corr)

Novel method of laser direct writing for precise patterning of human dermal fibroblasts

Cell-based detection of bacillus cereus anthrax simulant using cell impedance sensing (N. R. Schiele, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)

Bioprinting (T. B. Phamduy, D. T. Corr, D. B. Chrisey)

The mechanical properties of drosophila jump muscle expressing wild-type and embyronic myosin isoforms (C. C. Eldred, D. R. Simeonov, R. A. Koppes, C. Yang, D. T. Corr, and D. M. Swank)

Skin non-linear viscoelastic properties cannot be predicted using quasi-linear viscoelasticity (J. S. Hersey, L. N. Dantzler, J. F. Maher, D. T. Corr)

Laser Direct Writing of Idealized cellular and biologic constructs of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (N. R. Schiele, D. T. Corr, D. B. Chrisey)


Passive  mechanical analysis of engineered myotube fibers (R. A. Koppes, N. R. Schiele, D. M. Swank, D. B. Chrisey, D. T. Corr)

Biomechanical behavior of scar tissue and uninjured skin in a porcine model (D. T. Corr, C. L. Galant-Behm, N. G. Shrive, and D. A. Heart)

Laser direct writing of combinatorial libraries of idealized cellular constructs: biomedical applications (N. R. Schiele, R. A. Koppes, D. T. Corr, K. S. Ellison, D. M. Thompson, L. A. Ligon, T. K. M. Lippert, D. B. Chrisey)


Force recovery after activated stretching in whole skeletal muscle: transient aspects of force enhancement (R. A. Koppes and D. T. Corr)

Proliferation and fiber formation of human dermal fibroblasts on patterned differentially adherent substrates (N. R. Schiele, D. B. Chrisey, and D. T. Corr)