The Corr Research Group is part of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Our research covers two areas - regenerative tissue engineering and bioprinting - in the hopes of developing a better understanding of both musculoskeletal pathologies and cancer progression. We are currently investigating an embryonic-inspired method of generating tendon and muscle fibers to improve tissue-engineered replacements seen today. We have also developed a laser-direct write bioprinting method for the fabrication of spatially-precise 3D microenvironments, currently being used to establish mechanically-accurate in vitro tumor models.

Tendon Engineering

Our lab has developed a scaffold-free technique to synthesize individual tendon fibers using directed cellular self-assembly, and we use it to study the effects of biomechanical stimulation on tendon (re)generation.

LDW Bioprinting

The structural and compositional control afforded by the LDW process enables the creation of a wide range of new constructs, namely microbeads and microcapsules, with many potential applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.