The Corr Research Group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is dedicated to investigating the mechanical and biochemical factors that drive musculoskeletal pathologies and solid tumor progression. We are currently investigating an embryonic-inspired approach for generation of tendon and muscle fibers with improved lifetimes and mechanical properties over current tissue-engineered replacements. We have also pioneered a laser-direct write bioprinting method for the fabrication of spatially-precise 3D cellular microenvironments, which we are using to develop mechanically biomimetic in vitro tumor models.

Tendon Engineering

Our lab has developed a scaffold-free technique to synthesize individual tendon fibers using directed cellular self-assembly. This approach enables investigations into the effects of biomechanical stimuli on tendon (re)generation in an embryonic inspired approach.

Laser Direct-Write Bioprinting

The structural and compositional control afforded by the LDW process enables the creation of a wide range of new constructs, namely microbeads and microcapsules, with many potential applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.